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About MagTec

  • Starting with knowhow of a market leader in HPDC industries with process competence for stable and efficient high volume HPDC production in place
  • Introduced to the leading customers on the European market
  • Outstanding strong network to leading customers built over years
  • Customer contacts based on confidence gained by numerous succesful project implement
  • Recognized in the market as most competent, reliable and innovative suppliers over years
  • Staff with outstanding technical experience and process knowhow of serial production gained over years, plenty of succesful implementations of customer projects and innovative developments
  • Experienced with production of projects with annual volumes of up to 650.000 parts each
  • Startup capacities fully operational, actually succesfully prcessing key-customers’ orders on hand

Stage1: production and performin according to business plans

Company is introduced to the main markets and actively awaited

Outstanding fast ramp-up due to agreed delivery volumes with key-customers


User markets:

  • Any market segments asking for weight reduction of their
    products (automotive / transportation, portable equipments)
    => Mg-alloys are ultra light and solid construction materials!

Order volumes:

  • Typical order volumes per project:
    30’000 – 500’000 parts/year, typical lifetime of orders 4 – 7 years

Offering scope:

  • HPDC components based on Mg – alloys
    compliant with high quality standards
    High precision parts; functional parts, decorative parts

Main Market Segments:

  • Automotive (main segments: steering systems; interior structural components)
    Electric / Electronics / Automation