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Our Market

  • Starting with the knowhow of a market leader in HPDC industries

with process competence for stable and efficient high volume HPDC production in place

  • Introduced to the leading customers on the European market

Outstanding strong network to leading customers built over years

Customer contacts based on confidence gained by numerous successful project implement.      Doors at key-customers are wide open due to excellent personal relations all over Europe.

  • Recognized in the market as most competent, reliable and innovative

suppliers over years

  • Staff with outstanding technical experience and process knowhow of

serial production gained over years, plenty of successful implementations

of  customer projects and innovative developments

Experienced with production of projects with annual volumes of up to 650’000 parts each

  • Start-up capacities fully operational, actually successfully processing

key-customers’ orders on hand

  • Stage 1 production in place and performing according to buiness plans
  • Company is introduced to the main markets and actively awaited
  • Outstanding fast ramp-up due to agreed delivery volumes with key-customers